Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday, January 06, 2012T1/06/2012 04:14:00 PM

SIW PRO 2012.01.06 is available

  • Added Modem Properties to "Ports" module.
  • Added Safari passwords.
  • Added Firefox 9.x passwords.
  • Added Trillian 4.x-5.x passwords.
  • Added support for new CPU and chipsets:
    • AMD Opteron Interlagos and Valencia (Bulldozer).
    • AMD SR56x0 I/O bridge and SP5100 southbridge (Maranello).
    • Intel Core i7-3960X, 3930K and 3820 (SandyBridge-E).
    • Intel X79 chipset (Patsburg).
    • VIA Nano 1000/2000/3000, Eden X2, Nano X2/X3, QuadCore.
  • Updated "BIOS" module.
  • Updated "PCI" module.
  • Updated "Groups and Users" module (moved from Software to Network).
  • Updated "Neighborhood Scan" module.
  • Updated "Installed Programs" module.
  • Updated Google Chrome passwords.
  • Improved support for Windows 8 Developer Preview.
  • Updated devices database.
  • Minor enhancements and compatibility fixes.
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