Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009T10/22/2009 02:00:00 AM

SIW 2009-10-22 is available

Windows 7 Compatible
  • Windows 7 Compatible
  • PortableApps Version
  • DirectX detection on Win7
  • Correct Splash Screen size if DPI != 96
  • Scheduled Tasks for Vista and Windows 7
  • Tools --> Hibernate Enable/Disable for Windows 7
  • Fixed: CPU and Memory Usage
  • Fixed: Installation Time
  • Fixed: Wrong menu
  • Fixed: Exception c0000096 when Sony Vegas 7 is installed on Vista 32
  • Fixed: Empty messages in Event Viewer
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
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Anonymous said...

SIW sometimes incorrectly reports my system boot time and running time. BGInfo reports it correctly. I have not been able to nail down the cause. I just leave the system running a day or 2, sometimes in sleep mode, run SIW, and it reports an incorrect boot time/ up time. Last version I used was 2009-07-28, and the few versions before that. System is P4, XP 32-bit (fully patched), Outpost Firewall Pro, KAV 2009, Norton Ghost 12.

Awesome program otherwise!!

SIW said...

Please let me know if you have the same problem with the current version (2009-10-22)

Anonymous said...

OK, I've confirmed. Newest version also reports incorrect boot time. Like the other versions, it will report correctly after reboot, but after leaving the PC alone for almost a day, sometimes in standby, BGInfo still reports the correct boot time, but SIW reports a different boot time. The time it reports, I've compared to logs in Windows Event Viewer and it doesn't seem to match anything. Strange. I hope you figure it out.

Unknown said...

I've used and loved SIW for years!

One question: I just saved a copy of the SIW report (HTML format). While scrolling through it, I saw:

Corporate environment detected!

I'm definitely at home in a non-corporate environment!

Is there something I should do to correct this? Does it matter? Am I losing any features because of this?


SIW said...

Hi echo14612,

Please start SIW and wait a couple of minutes. It will show an error message.
Please tell me the error code (ERRxx).

Anonymous said...

I have been using SIW for a while and I just got a` new computer with win7 so I tried to up grade the SWI program by clicking on the help link and my avg anti-virus detected the dowm load as a Trojan horse generic 13.blfq. is your update infected as my current version 1.69 is not concidered a Trojan buy any of my virus software?

SIW said...

Hi Anonymous,
Please check Q/A #11 from

Anonymous said...

when updating siw, My brain didn't react to a "remote (somethng)" in the download box fast enough before I hit ok, and it also downloaded:
Trojan horse Generic 13.BLFQ
avg picked it up. Please post removal instruct. Avg was only able to move to vault 1 of the three - this listed as app\data\local\temp movehome.exe.
looks like it has already moved to html framer" firefox ..profile..cache

Anonymous said...

I'm falsely getting the "...corperate environment" message. I am using it within a domain but it is a high school. ERR81

SIW said...

From license agreement( Use on single or multiple PCs in a corporate, educational, non-profit, military or government installation is prohibited.